CompuStream is now Singular Surfaces

CompuStream (2000-2021)

CompuStream was created in May 5th, 2000 with the aim of creating innovative business strategies for companies interested in exploring new ways to compete in a market revolutionized by technology.

After many successful Strategy Formulation projects for national and international technology companies interested in expanding their presence in Latin America, we decided, in 2002, to add to our portfolio a new service: International Representation.

As a result, this granted CompuStream the ability to represent many different companies in Latin America, creating new marketing strategies, promoting local sales and managing its imports/exports, logistics, distribution and support.

Singular Surfaces (2022 on)

In 2021, during the pandemic, based on Max Gorissen experience in the 90’s as the CEO of one of the largest marble and granite commercial, import and export companies in São Paulo-Brazil, we decided to change our name and our market focus from technology (CompuStream) to Architectural Finishing materials (Singular Surfaces).

Singular Surfaces is a meticulously curated collection of materials of the highest quality for Architectural Finishing distributed along with our trusted partners across the globe.

We specialize in the following hand-selected quality materials and surfaces for residential and commercial applications:

  • Natural Stone (marble, granite, limestone, quartzite, soapstone, travertine and onyx);
  • Wood;
  • Wicker (willow, rattan, reed, and bamboo);
  • Plastic (Polycarbonate, Polyvinyl Chloride, Polyethylene, Polyethylene Terephthalate and Acrylic).

But, different from many import and export companies, Singular Surfaces Competitive Advantage is to help our clients to sell their products around the world by exploring new ways to compete in a market transformed by technology.

The strength of our global sourcing allows us to offer a variety of the finest quality materials, delivered when and where you need them, while our business approach ensures a commitment to knowledge and relationships that runs deeper than any transaction.

From the fabricators who rely on the consistent quality of our products, to the architects and designers who trust us to treat their clients as our own, our goal is the same: an effortless customer experience, always on the lead of cutting edge and innovative designs, striving to satisfy the most discerning tastes.

Singular Surfaces dedicates to offer unparalleled quality and services for designers, architects, and fabricators, while using the latest technologies.

Using our online Surfaces Search, you can find the perfect material and surface for your project.

Check our news for accounts and articles telling our history.

How we work

We achieve recurrent sales with our International Representation service.

With this service, Singular Surfaces represents your company and products, exploring new ways to compete in a market transformed by technology, establishing the marketing strategies, promoting local sales and managing the logistics, distribution, support, and imports or exports.

To accomplish that, we work with two different fronts:

International Agents

As an international agent, Singular Surfaces searches for the best local business partners and signs them as distributors to develop and explore the many markets.


As a Distributor, Singular Surfaces identifies the products and services that have unique capacities and that can add value to a diversity of customers in new markets, creating new marketing strategies, promoting local sales and managing its logistics, distribution, support, and imports or exports.

Singular Surfaces has the knowledge and experience to give you full support in importing or exporting unique, or singular, materials and surfaces, treating your interests as our own and doing our best to build a solid and long-term partnership as your business representatives.

Consulting on architectural materials and surfaces

When it comes to architectural surfaces, choosing the best and most suitable materials for your project is essential.

For this reason, we offer technical advice on the choice of materials for architectural surfaces allowing you to choose the most suitable and beautiful materials for your project.

If you are a supplier or are interested in any Architectural Finishing materials and surfaces from around the world, contact us and discover what we have to offer!