Polycarbonate sheet for high performance architectural glazing

TUFFAK 15 and TUFFAK AR sheet offer long-term performance for abrasion and UV resistance

TUFFAK 15 sheet for vertical architectural glazing

  • Up to twice the abrasion and weathering resistance of other polycarbonate glazing
  • 15-year limited product warranty against breakage, yellowing, and loss of light transmission
  • Protects against vandalism, forced entry or attacks
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Available in a range of standard glazing tints
  • Eliminates bars and wire mesh often required with glass
  • Glazed with standard materials and framing
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High impact strength resists breakage – enhances security

TUFFAK AR abrasion resistant sheet for high traffic interiors

  • Superior toughness for increased security
  • Exceptional level of abrasion and mar resistance to withstand routine abuse and cleaning
  • Easy removal of graffiti from billboard and signage covers
  • Ideal for interior partitions, entry areas, stair railings, and clean rooms

TUFFAK UV sheet for overhead glazing, provides long-term UV and impact
resistance, weather ability and toughness

  • Provides lasting protection for entrance canopies, covered pedestrian walkways, shelters, sky lights, and transportation terminals
  • 10-year limited product warranty
  • Cut and cold form on-site for cost effective installation versus preformed glass
  • Cold bend to tight radii versus acrylic for more design versatility
  • HD prismatic and smooth pattern optimized to diffuse and distribute light while maintaining high light transmission and reducing glare
  • Proprietary UV cap for enhanced UV resistance
  • Can be draped and thermoformed for contoured applications
  • Approximately 60 times stronger than acrylic and 15 times stronger than impact modified acrylic
  • Building code compliant


Awnings, skylights, entryway canopies, barrel vaults, glazed archways, covered pedestrian walkways, transom windows, wall panel glazing and sloped, vertical and curved glazi.

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TUFFAK® and Hygard® are registered trademarks of Plaskolite LLC

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