Organizations reevaluate the way they approach international markets

COVID-19 has caused significant disruption to almost every single industry.

As organizations reevaluate the way they work within this global pandemic, innovation and transformation have become essential to ensuring business continuity. Technology has had a huge part to play in facilitating this new working world.

Local representation

More than ever, CompuStream’s Local Representation service, dedicated to assist technology companies worldwide to establish or enhance their presence in Brazil, turn out to be the solution for companies which do not have a structure and sales presence of their own in Brazil, and wish to have one.

Our Local Representation service provides complete infrastructure to represent you company/ products/ services, helping with your local marketing strategies, generating sales, and handling the import, logistics and distribution.

Why CompuStream

CompuStream is owned and headed by Maximilian Immo Orm Gorissen, with more than 30 years of experience in Latin American Market Entry, Strategy Formulation and IT markets. This positions CompuStream as a consulting company with an in-depth understanding of the opportunities and limitations of the region, therefore providing its customers with proper growth strategies.

For those companies, which do not have a structure of their own in Brazil, and wish to have one, we become the local partner or “your local office in Brazil”.

Selecting the right partner, as in any other country, is critical.

Specific expertise, track record and business ethics are probably the more important issues to be looked at.

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