Time flies…

It’s amazing how “time flies”.

Yesterday, I was searching for a document and, in an old folder, I found a list of assignments, workshops and training sessions I participated from 1989 until 1996 while I was working as a Process Consultant for KEPNER TREGOE, Inc. (KT – represented by Proação Consultoria) in Brazil.

I remember I was hired because of my computer and programing skills (at the time, I was working at Elebra Telecon as a System Analyst developing software in Cobol, Clipper, Basic and other computer languages), during what was then called the “High Tech” era, to deliver the Information Technology (IT) portion of a new KT-Project Management Workshop in Brazil.

I remember meeting KT founder and Chairman, Mr. Benjamin B.Tregoe, who, during those years, personally signed most of my Program Leader Agreements, and spending a day at his beach house, relaxing and having lunch, and seeing him in one of his famous Hawaiian shirts.

Ben Tregoe, Jeannette Tregoe, me and the dog at their beach house, relaxing and having lunch. He is wearing one of his famous Hawaiian shirts. He flown the Brazilian flag that day…

More than that, during those years, I had the privilege of working for one of the most amazing and bright business man I ever met, Mr.Jacobus Hubertus Luyten, Jack Luyten as he was known, KT/Proação CEO in Brazil.

Reading some of the papers, I found out that my last position at KT-Brazil was “Senior Strategy Consultant” and, in the same folder, I found a list of some of my (KT/ Proação) clientes (*1) and the type of work delivered at the time: Cisper (Strategy), Conglomerado Batistella (Strategy), AKZO (PSDM), Organon (PSDM), Localiza Rent-a-car (Strategy), FIC (PSDM/ATS + LDI + FMEA), Iochpe-Maxion (PMW), IQRSandoz (Novartis) (PSDM), Xerox (PSDM/ PMW), CPM (PSDM/ PMW), Santista Têxtil (Strategy), HP (PSDM), RTZ Mineração (PSDM/ ATS), Citrosuco (PSDM/ ATS – LDI), Alcoa (PSDM), Agroceres (PSDM), Cilag Farmacêutica (PSDM), among others not listed.

Those were some of the most important companies at the time and I started to remember the people, the projects, the offices, the travelling, the work, and everything related to the consulting I delivered. Some amazing memories!

But, to tell the truth, what amazed me most was the amount of training I went through at KT in the USA to be able to deliver consulting to those companies. Yes, they made sure I was well prepared!

If you were in the HR (Human Resources) department of any important company at that time, you would certainly be impressed by the training and experience I gathered in those 7 years (I was 24 years old when I was hired and 31 when I left KT-Brazil).

During those years, I could sell and deliver (I remember saying that I was always in Sales mode or in Delivery mode, depending on the phase of the sales process) almost all KT-rational processes because:

1. I was a certified KT-Strategy Formulation Consultant:

  • Development of Business Strategy – formulation and planning – since 1993

2. I coached more than 200 KT seminars on the following rational processes:

  • Project Management – since 1989;
  • People Management – since 1989;
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making – since 1990;
  • Analytic trouble Shooting – since 1990;
  • Managing the Performance System – since 1990.

3. I was a certified KT Leadership Development Institute # 1 instructor (Train-the-Trainer) for the following rational processes:

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making;
  • Project Management;
  • Analytic trouble shooting.

4. I designed and implemented the following tailor-made Workshops:

Processes Flow. Copyright KT-Proação-Iochpe/Maxion.

IOCHPE/ MAXION Project Management Workshop: developed using KT PMW adding new processes to conform to IOCHPE/ MAXION project management and quality requirements. After developing the outline, materials, process, PowerPoint presentation, Microsoft Project outline and exercises, I personally trained more than 500 employees.

  • FMEA – Failure Mode & Defect Analysis: Developed and adapted for FIC (Ford Indústria e Comércio do Brasil) based on the FMEA process used by Ford Motors Worldwide. I used KT PMW together with KT-Potential Problem and Opportunity Analysis combined with the FMEA process, to deliver a new product/ workshop called FORD PMW FMEA. It was a one-year project and all production, engineering and quality personnel at FIC were trained.

Also, among the papers, I found a planner/ scheduler with my handwriting describing the assignments and training I had at KT in Princeton-NJ, from August – November 1992, while I was living and working in the US.

Planner/ scheduler with my handwriting describing the assignments and training I had at KT in Princeton-NJ, from August – November 1992.

And then, finally, I found a list of the processes I was qualified as a KT-Instructor and Consultant and the month/ year of my training:

  • SDI – Strategy Development Institute:
    • Strategy Formulation – Princeton, USA – Sep/93
  • LDI – Leadership Development Institute:
    • Project Management – Princeton, USA – May/89
    • People Management – Chicago, USA – Jun/89
    • Problem Solving & Decision Making – Monterey, USA – Feb/90
    • Analytic Trouble Shooting – Princeton, USA – Mar/90
    • Managing the Performance System – Princeton, USA – Jul/90
    • Process Consulting Skills – Princeton, USA – Jul/95
  • Workshops:
    • System Analysis Workshop – Princeton, USA – Aug/92
    • Fundamental Consulting Skills – Princeton, USA – Sep/92
    • Performance Analysis – Princeton, USA – Sep/92
    • Marketing Planning/ Business Development Workshop, Princeton, USA – Oct/92
  • Other responsibilities:
    • Sales of KT’s workshops, projects & strategic formulation;
    • Development/ monitor of projects using KT consulting processes;
    • Linking KT processes to Quality Processes.
I found in that folder my first KT business card: Project Manager

Yes, “time flies” … and today, 21 years later, I see that this is just a “glimpse”, a moment, of my professional life and career, but, still, I am amazed by how much I learnt and achieved during those KT years!

Best of all, today, I still use those KT rational processes in everything I do. It became part of my situation-appraisal, problem-solving, decision-making and potential problem and opportunity analysis thinking.

So, bring the next 21+ years!

Max Gorissen

* 1 – All company names mentioned in this article belong and/or are Registered Trademarks of those companies with Copyright and All Rights Reserved. Those companies were Kepner Tregoe/ Proação Consultoria Ltda clientes and the work, training and consulting was performed as na KT/Proação employee. If by any chance, this is your brand/company name and you want it removed from this article, please send an e-mail to Gorissen @compustream.com.br and it will be immediately removed.

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