Ventura brings Mediterranean Boating to South Americans – Press Release – 20-05-2011

Motor yachting enthusiasts in South America are increasingly eager to explore the boating opportunities of the Mediterranean, and now, thanks to a new initiative by Ventura Yachts, the business of buying and owning a boat in Europe has become a great deal easier for them.

South Americans who are keen to acquire a motor yacht in the Mediterranean need a good deal of help and guidance with finding the right boat, access to finance, purchasing formalities, certification, registration, and all the everyday matters associated with boat ownership such as a mooring, management, employing crew, maintenance and gardiennage.

To meet this growing demand, Ventura Yachts, one of Europe’s leading motor yacht sales and brokerage companies, has teamed up with BoatingBrasil ( to offer Brazilians and other Latin Americans an easier way to buy, own and run a motor yacht in the Mediterranean.

Ventura is able to offer all the assistance they might need throughout the Mediterranean from Portugal and Spain to France, Italy, the Adriatic, Greece, Turkey and North Africa, either through its own offices or those of its well-established network of associate agents.

Ventura has in fact been offering just such a comprehensive support service to European customers for some time. It’s called Ventura VIP, and was designed to fast track the whole purchasing process by not only relieving the buyer of many hours of form filling, but also taking care of the time-consuming business of dealing with a multitude of agents, brokers, finance houses and officials. It was therefore a relatively simple matter for Ventura to adapt and extend this existing service to make it available to buyers from another continent.

BoatingBrasil provides a similar range of services in its home country to those offered by Ventura in Europe. They too are brokers specializing in motor yachts, and are equally expert at delivering the facilities and support services associated with buying and owning such craft.

From finding the right boat, to organizing the legalities and management, the combined forces of Ventura and BoatingBrasil aim to ensure that every stage of the process is handled as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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